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Joseph Howard

Joseph Howard is Head of Chambers. He studied law at Cambridge University and has a master’s degree in tax law. He has over 20 years commercial experience in the high technology and property investment worlds, and 12 years’ experience as a barrister working with some of the largest and most demanding clients in the world on cutting edge tax and wealth structuring.

Joseph advises in relation to all UK taxes. He finds commercially workable solutions for apparently insurmountable problems. He frequently provides solutions to issues that others (including eminent QCs) have stated “cannot be resolved”. Where circumstances require he will obtain court sanction or HMRC clearance for such solutions.

Joseph and his team also assist clients and their advisers dealing with the frustrations and threat of an HMRC enquiry or investigation. With unique strategies developed over years of dealing with HMRC on high value cases (Joseph lead the team on what was reputed to be the largest ever LDF settlement) enquiries are routinely resolved rapidly and satisfactorily in the client’s favour.

Where litigation proves necessary, Joseph brings years of commercial experience with the benefit of a supremely strategic mind to the defence of his clients. He is particularly experienced in assisting clients on how to properly gather and present evidence before the courts, and on exposing the frequent weaknesses in HMRC’s own evidence.

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We have worked with Joseph for over 10 years. He is extremely good with clients and highly recommended.
Ceris Gardner
Partner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP